At GrabAForum.com we offer completely free phpBB2 and (soon!) phpBB3 forum hosting. This means you have total control over your board at all times, while not having to worry about databases, FTPs, servers etc.

We will enable sign ups to our free phpBB3 forum hosting when it has been fully released! All forums will be upgraded automatically, you will be able to chose which one you want to use. For more information you can email us on the Contact page. You will also be able to use your own domain name!

Main features

  • Small forums have no ads! Larger forums can remove their ads!
  • Choice of domains (GrabAForum.com / GAF.cc)
  • Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, never run out of room!
  • Hundreads of templates (?)
  • Your language! (?)
  • The best forum software (?) - Automatic upgrades
  • 99%+ Uptime (?) / Very fast servers
  • Instant signup (takes seconds to fill in the form below)

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  • No Adult / Obscene material
  • No Warez / Piracy
  • No Sharing of passwords / Serial Numbers
  • No Spam
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